Solidarity - What we offer
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Solidarity - Was wir bieten

We offer microcredits and small loans without financial interest to which anyone can apply.

Terms and conditions:

Loans will be handed out in a stable currency (swiss Francs, Euro) and expected to be paid back in the same currency periodicly or at the end of the loan contract.
Loans are offered for:

  • Business start ups
  • Farmers
  • Scholarships - funds for scholarships may not exceed 20% of the total lending of Solidarity.

Solidarity is employing a member of the association as responsible on site, who is counselling loan-receivers and controlling the operative affairs between them and Switzerland.
Approvals for further handing out of loans are decided upon by a committee of three persons:

  • A member of Solidarity
  • Two loan receivers who have been able to repay faithfully their loan received by Solidarity.

In the start up phase of our association loans can be decided upon by the association alone.