Solidarity - Philosophy
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Solidarity - Philosophie
  • There is no natural poverty.
    Poverty emerges, where the infinite creative potential of human nature is inactive.
  • The power to create is derived from the inner strength that is produced through unity.
  • Act as if you were separate from nothing and you heal the world.

So what’s audacious about Solidarity?
Our aim is to motivate more and more people allowing themselves of letting go traditional thinking and understanding. Inspired by a couple of leading ideas, we wish to enhance new paradigms in order to promote different attitudes and behaviour in society. Some among a lot of possibilities are:

Paradigm A)

Even in financial matters credibility can be considered a result of moral and ethical attitude and behaviour (created in your life) and not mere material possession anymore.

Paradigm B)

In times of life where you will be possessing more money (material wealth) than you actually need for your lifestyle, you won’t be interested too much in that money. If you are not interested in that money you do not ask any interest if you lend it.

Audacious conclusion

We challenge our fellow citizens to invest financially in our neighbours’ projects, being willing to collect their interest in form of sense of solidarity, joy and satisfaction.