Solidarity - Members
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Robert Gerritsma, founder of the organisation  Tashi Tsering, co-worker at Kathmandu  Portrt Eka  Beatrice Kovacs, book-keeping and financies

Robert Gerritsma

Founder of the organisation
I live in the greater Zürich area and have been doing research
about the various forms of “Solidarity” for almost my entire life.
Due to my sojourn in various countries, a lot of travelling and activities in different organizations I have made many experiences, from which I wish this new project to be benefitting.
This as my contribution for the creation of a society with new different basic values. One of those: solidarity.

Tashi Tsering

Co-worker at Kathmandu
I am very lucky to be a part of “Solidarity”. My friend, Robert Gerritsma who was introduced to me in the beginning by my very good friend, Heike Kiefer, told me about Solidarity. When I was told about the work and motivation of “Solidarity”, I felt very good.
Solidarity is doing many good things by giving free business loans and education loans to the needy people for their better career. I am very touched by the work of this foundation. It gives me happiness and devotion to mankind by giving other people work.
And it is my great honour to be a staff of Solidarity. And I will work honestly in this foundation without any tiredness. I also wish that there would be more foundations like Solidarity in Nepal and the people here can take the benefits from its work.
Finally, Solidarity gives me a knowledge and experience of the work from those people who are looking for the investment in their particular work. And in return, I give them my time, love and friendliness.

Ekaette Onogholo

Co-worker at Benin City
It gives me so much joy to be a co- worker of “Solidarity” in Nigeria. I was also a victim of domestic violence in my early days. It is really a great honour and privilege to work as the coordinator of Solidarity Association Nigeria, a registered association with the Edo state Government, Nigeria.
Daily lots of women in Nigerian society and Africa at large, suffers marital and other form of domestic abuse. I was also a victim of domestic violence in my early days. Thousands suffer further violence in the form of sexual abuse/molestation and other forms of modern day slavery.
With the advent of Solidarity in Nigeria, these battered and maltreated women now have access to interest –free loan to enable them start a new life with their abandoned children. Our main focus is on assisting the poor, especially the women, in raising their socio-economic statuses.
Part of my vision as a co-worker in Solidarity is supporting these women in overcoming problems beyond the lack of funds, such as illiteracy and environmental degradation.

Beatrice Kovacs

Book-keeping and financies
I am living with my family in the greater Zürich area.
What is fascinating me about “Solidarity” is the idea that providing my spare time to this organization can support others to self-employment and more independency.
Even a small contribution in time or money can help creating a brighter perspective for a single person or even a whole family.